What is BigMac Coin

A New Kind of Money

BigMacCoin (BMC) is a trial new computerized cash that empowers moment installments to anybody, anyplace on the planet. BMC utilizes a proof-of-work technique all together for the BMC system to accomplish disseminated accord. BMC Core is the name of open source programming which empowers the utilization of this cash and everybody can contribute.

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BigMac Coin

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Safe & Secure

Be sure in your account security and your funds safe.

Experts Support

Support will answer your questions regarding bitcoins.

Mobile Apps

Perfectly developed mobile apps will open new opportunities.

Instant Exchange

Instant Exchange allows you to send bitcoin and pay for it


Perfectly developed mobile apps will open new opportunities.

Recuring Buys

Recurring transaction feature allows you to schedule future

BMC are often transferred from Globally in few minutes. There's no bank to bog off the method, level of negligible fees, or fixed the transfer. You'll pay your neighbors identical approach as you'll pay a member of your family in another country. Merely same, It's a genius thanks to pay.
BMC uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Digital currency technology so as to safeguard bound data that you just submit. This kind of technology protects you from having your data Intercepted by anyone apart from BMC.
The Encoding is a language through which BMC works very efficiently in a proficient manner by which no one can intercepted anyone data apart from BMC. It can run the world's top and largest fully decentralized crypto currency mining pools. It can also help with cryptography work like integer factorization.